Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program

This certification program is an upgrade  of our E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs. Submission of outputs in all modules will result to earning the “Certified Digital Marketing Specialist” title from AIE College and DigitalFilipino.com.

Badges_Digital Marketing Specialist_FemaleTarget Audience

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and everyone involved in marketing.


  1. Introduce the participant on the various skills in the digital marketing field.
  2. Implement the skill in a client project.


I. Branding, Buyer’s Persona, Unique Selling Proposition

  • What makes your brand fascinating?
  • Identification of your Target Persona and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Output: 1) Brand Fascination, 2) Unique Selling Proposition

II. Content Planning

  • Content Mapping
  • Content Writing Guidelines
  • Output: Content Plan / Site Map

III. WordPress

  • Set-up
  • Theme Addition
  • Plugins
  • Analytics
  • Output: Working Website, Content Publication add-on

IV. Landing Page Creation

  • Steps in Creating a Landing Page
  • Making your Landing Page Credible
  • Output: One Landing Page and One Thank you Page, Content Publication add-on

V. Blogging

  • Blogging for Awareness
  • Blog write-up structure
  • Output: Two Blog Post Write-Ups, Content Completion (based on Content Plan)

VI. Customer Relationship Management

  • Setting up a CRM
  • Processing Leads
  • Email response
  • Output: Email Response Template, Deals Setup

VII. Digital Marketing Policies

  • Data Privacy
  • Consumer Protection
  • Sales Promotion Guidelines
  • Digital Advertising Regulations
  • Output: Data Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Sales Promo Application

Badges_Digital Marketing Specialist_MaleVIII. Search Engine Optimization

  • Understanding search rankings.
  • Site enhancements necessary for SEO compliance.
  • Search engine ranking improvement.
  • Output: Baseline data, site enhancement ranking to-do checklist

IX. E-mail Marketing

  • Email Marketing Ethics
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Output: Three-part Email Campaign

X. Social Media Profile

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Output: Social Media Profiles

XI. Social Media Content

  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Social Media Content Creation

XII. 21-day Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Scheduled post for 21 days on various social media channels.
  • Follow-through (email, live chat, CRM)
  • Output: 21-days Scheduled post (on 3 social media channels), email marketing implementation, CRM recording, results

XIII. Search Advertising

  • Google AdWords fundamentals
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Output: Google AdWords 14-days Campaign Results

XIV. Social Media Advertising

  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertisting
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Output: Social Media Advertising Campaign (14-days) Results


Lessons are accessible online. Completion of each module is necessary before a student can get access to the next module.


The fee is P4,000 per module. If paid in full, the discounted rate of fifty thousand pesos (50,000) shall apply.

janette-profile21About the Trainer

Promoting the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines since 1997, Janette Toral is the lead trainer for this program and will be inviting experts in this field as resource persons on the various topics. She is:  

  • E-Commerce Advocate helping the government in implementing the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap (2016-2020).
  • Conducting “E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs” (3 batches in Cebu, 1 batch in Bohol through the Department of Trade and Industry Cebu and Bohol)
  • Lead Trainer for the Rural Impact Sourcing 12-days Technical Training (conducted in 26 locations through various trainers under the Department of Information and Communications Technology)
  • Partnered with Asian Institute of E-Commerce and AIE College to offer the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program and this program.
  • Co-founder of i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation. Creators of the E-Commerce Intensity Index and E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard.
  • Distinguished expert  for the 2nd Expert Committee  of APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance (June 2016 to June 2018)
  • Her e-commerce project and consulting exposure ranges from business model development, supply chain partners build-up (3rd-party B2B listing, logistics and payment), website creation, customer relationship management, live chat support, e-mail follow-up, search engine marketing, bloggers for affiliate marketing, social media advertising.
  • She is into the conduct of e-learning using various platforms since 2003.
  • Author of the DigitalFilipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino, DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Workshop E-Book (McGraw-Hill Education Asia), and Blogging from Home.
  • Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner 
  • Fascinate Certified Advisor
  • Google Analytics certified
  • Inbound Marketing , Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Sales Certified (Hubspot)
  • Certified Coach, Teacher, Speaker for the John Maxwell Team.
  • Completed “Mastering Business Models” and “Mastering Value Propositions” at Strategyzer.
  • Our training content is supported by Facebook.

Program Collaborators

This training program is a joint project of Asian Institute of E-Commerce, AIE College (Dagupan City), and e-commerce advocate Janette Toral.  AIE College (Dagupan City) is the only school in the Philippines and ASEAN that offers a Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce program as of this writing. AIE College is also a HubSpot Education Partner.


This program is open for enrollment anytime. Folks interested can send Janette Toral a private message.


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