Professional Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners today are recognizing the power and influence of bloggers and social media users to generate awareness, ignite conversation, form movements, and inspire people to action.

However, very few blog and social media marketing entrepreneurs today can help in blog, content creation, and social media management for the long term.

Come up with new and inspiring ideas to push organizations, brands and individuals to use blogs, social media, and tap its potential to reach business objectives and bottom line.

cbsme2-2017Target audience

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, online retailers, marketing and advertising practitioners, Web developers, PR practitioners, Internet marketers, media managers, content providers, brand managers and everyone involved in marketing or advertising that utilizes the Internet and blogs.

What you will learn:

  • Tap blogs and social media in various ways for promotion, awareness, lead generation, and support for marketing and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Understand the available blog and social media advertising platforms, costing, and analyze a blog’s effectiveness.
  • Profile blogs, bloggers, social media users based on their reach and influence.

For the hands-on project, the student is tasked to design and run a blog & social media marketing and advertising program. The overall performance of the said campaign during the time frame allotted shall serve as basis for grading.

All students will have access to an e-learning system where lecture videos, assignments, projects are posted.

This is module 2 of the DigitalFilipino Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program.

Schedule & FEE:

  • Every Thursday night 8 pm from January 12. 2017 (5 sessions)
  • Enrollment fee is ten thousand pesos (P10,000)

Registration (module 2)

Fill up the form and an email billing will be sent for your processing.


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