Lesson 4.1 Landing Page Creation 101

landing page 101


Landing pages are usually created to develop a specific offer meant to your target market. Depending on the tool you will use, it gives you the opportunity to customize the elements you want to present.

If done right, it can be a powerful tool to:

  • Generate leads.
  • Present a compelling a brand image or perception.
  • Inform prospects on your product or offering.

To try the hands-on demonstration done in this webinar video yourself, while watching it, sign-up for an Instapage trial account here.

Topics tackled in this free webinar lesson are as follows:

  • Landing Page 101
  • Types & Use of Landing Pages
  • Signing up and get started
  • Get the right template
  • Crafting an interesting headline
  • Use compelling image and video
  • Add a Call to Action Form
  • Adding deadline / timer
  • Search engine visibility
  • Social media sharing
  • Adding Analytics
  • Creating landing page variation
  • Build trust to your site
  • Publishing your landing page as stand-alone, on your Facebook page, add to a current WordPress site.

Trainer profile:

Speaker for this learning session is Janette Toral. She  actively uses landing pages to promote her various trainings including:

She  actively maintains her own websites and blogs running on various  platforms.

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