Lesson 2: Facebook Page Creation

Facebook Page 101Our third lesson in the Blogging and Social Media 101 Learning series is “Creating a Facebook Page”.

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Creating a Facebook Page

Here’s a quick reminder when creating a Facebook Page:

  1. Be clear on your Facebook Page identity and description.
  2. Provide a link to your website, operation hours, and contact details.
  3. In your settings, allow the following:
    * Users to post on your page but moderate it.
    * Users to message you through your page.
    * Users to tag friends in your photos.
    * Expire post if you have limited time offers.
    * Receive notification on visitor activity on your page.
  4. Assign page roles (admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, analyst) to other users as needed. However, limit those with admin access.
  5. Add applications as needed. Best to check what others, similar in your industry, are using and see if they can be helpful to your page too
  6. Like other Pages as a Page if you want them to be featured on your page too.
  7. Don’t use the post via mobile email feature until you are certain that your email and mobile device is secured.
  8. Schedule your post based on activity hours of followers.
  9. If your post is only meant for readers of specific location, use the targeting feature.
  10. Users who abuse your page by posting profanity or 3rd party advertising spam can be banned by you.
  11. Post useful content on your page before inviting your friends to like it.
  12. For important post, pin it to the top.
  13. Target friends to invite to like your page. Don’t just send it to all.
  14. Depending on your campaign, post a limited time offer to be availed by your Page followers.
  15. If you have a face-to-face or online event, use the event feature to create awareness. Let Facebook event notification feature remind users of your upcoming event to invited friends.
  16. Add milestones to your event page celebrating important events and achievements.
  17. When posting content, take note:
    * Use beautiful images to gain audience attention.
    * Respond to inquiries as fast as you can.
    * Encourage people to interact with you by giving sneak previews and eliciting suggestions.
    * If you are uncertain on what to post, create a content calendar.
    * Don’t forget to link readers to your website.